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Audio Recording


Skyhawk Recording Studios offers a wide variety of services for all types of budgets. Whether you are here to make your first demo or following up your platinum album. Skyhawk Studios provides professional recording, editing, mixing and mastering services at competitive rates.


As a professional recording studio, our services cover all aspect of the studio recording process.


Tracking... is one of the main function of a recording project. Tracking refers to the action of recording (basics as well as overdubs) performances to capture and store audio signals.


Mixing... Is the process of mixing a multi-track recording down to a lower number of tracks. Traditionally this has always been two tracks, but nowadays with the advent of DVD and other multi-channel technologies it is common for mixes to be mixed to as many as seven tracks.


Mastering... is the final stage of the product development. Mastering ensures the levels and tonal quality of your mix are up to contemporary standards and gets your tracks ready to be printed to CD or prepared for digital distribution.

Audio Mastering


Mastering is one of the most miss-understood and overlooked procedures of music production. It also is one of the most important steps. Many think they can master their own songs and CD's and this is a mistake. Audio mastering is a very specialized field. You need a highly trained engineer that specializes in mastering and you need a tuned environment with a quality hi end signal chain to hear the subtle nuances that need to be enhanced and/or changed in order to make the music translate on all sound systems, such as, car stereo, home stereo, radio and clubs.
You should never master your own music and you should never master in the same room you mixed in. Do not skimp on the most important step in audio production, have Skyhawk Studios take your music to the next level.

Music Production


Skyhawk Recording Studios offers music production services to independent recording artist, major and indie record labels, video game creators, movie producers and wireless content providers worldwide.


Music productions services include:


Individual music tracks or album projects   
Project management   
Creative direction   
Artist and repertoire development   
Session musicians available


Skyhawk Recording Studios has developed partnerships with many producers, specializing in various musical genres, from Hip Hop to Pop to World and anywhere in between. If you're looking for production, we can help match you up with a producer who's right for your musical style, personality, and budget. Call us to arrange an appointment to hear samples and discuss different song packages.